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List of sponsors showcasing their products and services at the conference.
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25 Apr, A-05, 2:00 pm, Helia

TURBOdesign Suite
TURBOdesign Suite is a Unique Aerodynamic & Hydrodynamic 3D Inverse Design Technology Solution across all turbomachinery sectors

25 Apr, A-05, 3:00 pm, Helia

Monitor blades in an operational turbine, even at high temperatures.

25 Apr, A-05, 2:15 pm, Helia

software for turbomachinery components and related engineering services for turbomachinery design, simulation, and optimization.

25 Apr, A-05, 2:45 pm, Helia

Fogale Sensors
A reference in turbine monitoring solutions, we keep pushing towards industrial excellence, performance and product quality. Please, visit us to discuss our latest developments for supervising operational turbines behaviors.

25 Apr, A-05, 3:15 pm, Helia

Hungaro Ventilator
With than 15 years of experience and we are one of the largest Hungarian manufacturing and exporting companies in the sector.

25 Apr, A-05, 3:30 pm, Helia

Since more than 30 years LaVision is the leading supplier of laser imaging systems in research relevant application fields like e.g. fluid mechanics.

25 Apr, A-05, 4:00 pm, Helia

Ventilation Works
The Ventilation Works Ltd. produces its air handling systems for more than 100 years, with environment friendly operation. Our products merge the experience and knowledge to represent quality and reliability