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Presentation: 25 Apr, A-05, 3:15 pm, Helia

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25 Apr, A-05, 3:15 pm, Helia

The name of Hungaro-Ventilator Ltd. is now completely connected to quality and expertise.
Our company was founded in 2005, now has 50 employees and manufactures smoke extraction and emergency ventilation equipments in Sopronköves on 6.500 m² production area.
We have more, than 15 years of experience and we are one of the largest Hungarian manufacturing and exporting companies in the sector.
Beside of Hungary, the additional export destinations are in EU, and we have several partners outside the EU as well.
The eqiupments manufactured by the company, – with exception of electric motors – are entirely self-developed. Year to year thousands of fans and pressure relief dampers were manufactured is our factory in Sopronkövesd.